I am pleased to write a testimonial for my pedorthist. My feet problems began years ago from sports injuries. Many hours on the tennis court and wearing ski boots had taken its toll on my feet. I had tried 3 other people for orthotics and after much discomfort I found my pedorthist through another patient of hers. The orthotics are comfortable and she is spot on with her evaluation. She recently spent time with me to evaluate a ripped ligament in my foot. Although I will probably need surgery, she gave me detailed information and education on the injuries and what to expect with the results from the surgery. I would highly recommend this personable and knowledgeable young woman!
— Brenda S. November 2017

I have suffered with calf and leg pains sporadically for years. In March 2017, I developed plantar fasciitis causing pain and discomfort in my right foot and heel. After a consultation with my pedorthist I was fitted with orthotics. Within a few weeks of wearing them religiously, most of my foot pain was gone. As an avid walker, I feel exceptionally grateful for restored health and the ability to resume an activity I love. My pedorthist is professional, supportive and extremely skilled. I would highly recommend her.
— Linda M. June 2017

I met my pedorthist at the Escarpment Sports Medicine Centre after spending two years being shuffled around from specialist to specialist and not getting any resolution to my left foot pain. I had had four surgeries on this foot in my early teens which had, over the years, given rise to a pretty bad case of metatarsalgia. As an avid runner this was becoming increasingly frustrating and I had basically resigned myself to dealing with this constant pain. My pedorthist was like a ray of sunshine during this dark time. I was still skeptical, but at least she offered me hope and a solution. She was very knowledge and confident that the right orthotic would significantly help ease my pain and allow me to continue with my athletic endeavours.
Within a month of running with the new orthotics I ran a marathon completely pain free! I am walking, running and jumping and couldn’t be happier…so much so I returned a year later to purchase my second pair. I am grateful our paths crossed and am even more thankful that I am able to continue to be my regular active self. Thank you for your professionalism and service.
Yours truly,
— Tara G. May 2017

For many years I suffered from pain in my left knee, which gradually made it difficult to go for walks or work in the garden. After a consultation with you and receiving my orthotics last spring, I have had a new lease on life; I can go for long walks and I spend hours working in the garden. It is like miracle! Thank you!
With kind regards and much gratitude,
— Carita. April 2017

Anyone in Southern Ontario: My pedorthist has no idea I’m posting this, but I need to share this with you, as she has given me a second lease on life with her orthotics. She works out of Guelph, Milton, and Collingwood. If you live further afield, she is worth the drive!

I have been wearing orthotics for decades and under the care of a number of recommended chiropodists, podiatrists, and chiropractors in multiple cities. My feet are the bane of my existence. If a genie offered me three wishes, a new pair of feet would be at the top of my list.

I was very worried about how I would handle my new classroom teaching position when I can’t stay on my feet for more than 30-45 min. So I tried my pedorthist. She guided me very specifically about which shoes to buy. And O.M.Godesses. The effect was instant. I am on my feet all day at school without any problem. And what’s even more mind-blowing is that I can get up the next day and do it all over again. I used to go to bed - and wake up - with my feet pulsing after a hike.

Mountain hikes may be back in the cards for me, after decades away, and I can’t tell you how incredible that is. Heck - maybe even the Camino. Life changing indeed.
— Wendy B. As posted on Facebook, October, 2015