Intrinsic Foot Muscles

Here are a bunch of exercises to strengthen your intrinsic foot muscles.  These muscles are important in terms of keeping your foot in good health.  

Using a towel to assist in strengthening the foot is often helpful.  

Massage for Plantar Fasciitis:

Massage is very important when it comes to breaking down scar tissue that may have accumulated in your plantar fascia (especially after many months or years with this condition).  You can massage this area by putting your affected foot over your opposite leg, pulling your toes backwards and massaging in the direction of the plantar fascia as shown here.  <input video>  If you are unable to get your foot over your leg because of tightness or pain, or your hands are unable to provide enough pressure to the area (due to weakness or arthritis), a massage ball is extremely useful.  <input photo of ball here and video too>.  To increase the pressure of the massage, you just need to lean forwards into the ball and you will get a deeper massage.  As another option, a tennis ball or golf ball can be used – however, I have found that this spikey massage ball works best.