Greening my work space

As often as possible I try to incorporate the following eco-friendly and green products into my office / lab / work-space.

  • 80% Tree-free paper (made from wheat straw waste – when printing letters for patients, doctors and insurance companies
  • Le Page low VOC and low odour water-based contact cement for on-site adjustments
  • CleanWell all-natural hand sanitizer spray that doesn’t contain Benzalkonium Choride (BAC) or Triclosan
  • all “scrap” materials I trim off the orthotics are recycled
  • patient files are “paperless” and new documents are scanned right into the computer.  Old files are shredded and recycled.
  • In Milton I work in the “GreenLife Business Centre”.  This is an eco-friendly development with ground source (Geo-thermal) heating and cooling, on-grid electricity from solar arrays and solar-powered parking lot lighting.