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Are you struggling to get active again because foot and/or lower leg pain is holding you back? You’re a busy person, full of life and energy.  You work hard and you care for those around you.  You want to be more active but have hit a road block.  Your feet hurt and your legs ache.  You want to walk and run like you once did and are tired of not being able to do so.  You would gladly change your footwear if you knew it would help.  

Explore the conditions I can help treat, take a peek at the stretches/exercises that can help with these conditions and call for a consultation to see how I can help you even further.


About me

I am Elisa Harrison, a certified Pedorthist (i.e. foot specialist).  I became a pedorthist because of my love for biomechanics and art and how these two passions mixed together can allow me to help people dealing with lower limb and foot pain.  As a pedorthist I believe that everyone should lead a life that is full, fun, kind, and as pain-free as possible.  

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? I would be so pleased to help you get back on track with your activity regime, help decrease your foot and leg pain, pick out proper shoes for your foot type, occupation and pain you experience and also teach you stretching and strengthening exercises to decrease your pain.

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