Piriformis Stretch

This stretch can really help someone with sciatica symptoms if this muscle is pinching the nerve.  Lay on your back and bring ankle over the opposite thigh.  Put your hands between your legs and pull the leg that is holding your ankle towards your chest.  This will pull the bum muscle of the leg that is crossed over <insert picture>.  To increase this stretch, push your elbow into the crossed over leg.  <insert picture?>

Quadriceps Stretches

Hold on to a chair, table or wall and with your other hand, lift up your leg so that your foot comes towards your bum <insert picture>.  Hold this position to stretch.  If you need more of a stretch, curve your pelvis under so that you get a deeper stretch <insert picture>.  If you are unable to reach your foot with your hand, you can use a belt or a towel around your foot to pull towards your bum <insert picture>.  

Hamstring Stretches

A good way to stretch your hamstrings (especially if you are tight) is to just put your legs out straight and then sit up straight while pointing your toes to the ceiling.  

<insert picture>.  

Once you get better at sitting up straight you can practice doing the same thing but leaning forward.  You can also try putting one foot up onto a stool or chair and then leaning forward into the leg that is up so that you feel the stretch behind your leg and up into your bum.  

<insert picture>