About Elisa

I offer custom-made orthotics and footwear/stretching education for people with foot and lower limb pain who have trouble with their activities of daily living because of pain.

My goal is to help you become pain free or at least significantly decrease your pain and get active again.  


How It All Began


I first knew I wanted to be a Pedorthist when I saw a friend of mine walking in front of me with a strange gait.  I knew that there must be a way to help him with his biomechanics but didn’t really know how.  That was until I met someone who introduced me to the idea of pedorthics.  I had never heard of it before but was intrigued and extremely excited.  

Within days I applied to the Pedorthic program at Western and after receiving my acceptance, quit my job and started on my journey to become a pedorthist.  

Upon completion of the program I knew that this path was right for me so I wrote my certification exams and began my own business helping others get back to their active self by helping them deal with their current foot and leg pain.


Before that...

Before finding the career that I love now I worked at the Guelph Community Health Centre – a great resource for people in our beloved city.  

Before that I worked in marketing and finance.  This was definitely not the path I had originally set out to achieve in which I put myself through school where I earned an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (with a minor in Human Resources Management).  

During school I worked as a kinesiologist assistant at a physiotherapy clinic and for the Health Department matching volunteers with moms that had twins or triplets (wow these mom’s had their hands full with beautiful bundles of joy!)  All of my experiences in different industries have allowed me a greater understanding (and empathy) of those around me.  

It has led me to believe that everyone is a unique individual with a unique story and unique needs that require unique attention with regards to their treatment plan to feeling less pain.  


But enough about me...

I’d love to know about you.  Book an appointment if you’re ready for an assessment or spend some time checking out the conditions or exercises/stretches pages first.